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County Construction Projects Search
Current Capital and Major Maintenance Projects
Price Agreements Search
Summary information for all current County price agreements. Agreements can be searched by category, vendor, agreement number, or buyer.
Public Purchase
Kern County Purchasing assists county departments, agencies and special districts in obtaining materials, supplies, furnishings, equipment and services at the best possible price. Accomplished through fair and open competitions, the process provides qualified companies the opportunity to compete for our business. Current Bid Opportunities available through Public Purchase
RFPs (Requests for Proposal)
Search RFPs (request for proposals) and download/view detailed RFP information.
Road/Infrastructure Construction Projects Being Advertised for Bidding and Recently-Awarded Bids
Includes projects being advertised for bidding, a form for requesting plans & specs, and an option to review bid results.
Surplus Property Auctions
Periodically the County of Kern auctions off County vehicles and other types of personal property. The County contracts with private firms to coordinate these auctions. View upcoming auction dates and the current list of County vehicles/property to be sold at each upcoming auction.

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