Bill WalkerWe hope that as you read and search our site, you will gain more than "facts and figures". We hope that you will see that KCMH is a high quality county mental health department. We utilize many well-respected evidence-based approaches, and are constantly working to improve our ability to serve people of multiple cultures or having complex problems. However what we really hope comes through on our website is that we believe that individuals with mental illnesses or addictions can recover and rejoin us as members of a thriving community. To be a successful department, we always start with hope. Whether you are an individual looking for help, a family member seeking understanding for a loved one, or even a professional looking for a place to work, we are glad you started here. There is recovery and hope available, and we invite you to join us on that journey.
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Bill Walker, LMFT

Working together to achieve hope, healing, and a meaningful life in the community.

People with mental illness and addictions recover to achieve their hopes and dreams, enjoy opportunities to learn, work and contribute to their community.

Hope, Healing, Community, Authority

We honor the potential in everyone
We value the whole person - mind,  body and spirit
We focus on the person, not the illness
We embrace diversity
We acknowledge that relapse is not a personal failure
We recognize authority over our lives empowers us to make choices, solve problems and plan for the future

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2015 Hope Through Mentoring Conference

CCS TLC Tehachapi March 2015

CCS HOPE Center March 2015

CFLC March 2015 Calendar

CCS TLC Tehachapi February 2015

CCS HOPE Center February 2015

CFLC February 2015 Calendar

Health Coverage Enrollment Day at Valley Plaza

Health Coverage Enrollment Day at East Hills Mall

Suicide Prevention Newsletter

Laura's Law News

Signs and Symptoms

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Request For Proposals (RFP)
Substance Abuse Services in Bakersfield and GSA 9 Lamont Area

Substance Abuse and Adult Mental Health Services in GSA 1 Delano Area

Substance Abuse, Adult and Children's Mental Health Services in GSA 3 Taft Area

Adult and Children's Mental Health Services in GSA 9 Arvin, Lamont and Frazier Park Areas

Children's Mental Health Services in GSA's 1, 2, 5 and 10 - Delano, Wasco and Bakersfield Areas

2015 RFP Bidders Conference Addendum

Standards for Penal Code 1000

Request For Applications (RFA)
AB 109 Related Services

Response Cover Page - Fill In Form
AB 109 RFA Addendum

Psychology Internship Brochure 2014/2015

Local Collaboratives
McFarland - 2nd Tuesday of the month> at 3:00 pm, Family Resource Center

- 3rd Wednesday of the month,
 Family Resource Center

- 2nd Thursday of the month at 8:15am,
  Education Resource Center

Substance Abuse
 Narcotics Anonymous - Thursdays at noon, 3715  Columbus, 868-7150
 Alcoholics Anonymous - Thursdays, 5:00-6:00 pm, 3715  Columbus, 868-7150

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