Phyllis Nance, Director

Our Mission

We deliver outstanding child support services so that all children receive the
financial and medical resources necessary for their well being.

A Message from The Department of Child Support Services

Our children represent our future. Because caring for our children is so vitally important, your Kern County Department of Child Support Services is dedicated to providing the very best child support program possible.

Your Child Support program works to provide child support for over 65,000 children in Kern County so that they may have the food, clothing, shelter, and other support necessary for them to grow into productive and successful adults. Child support also helps families become financially self-sufficient and less reliant on public assistance.

This is a big job and we cannot do it alone. We have partners like the Career Services Center, First Five Kern, and thousands of employers who promptly send us payments each pay period. To them and the thousands of parents who support their children we offer our heartfelt thanks.

We are committed to building your Child Support program as the best in the state.

Online Application

You can now fill out an application for child support services online and submit it electronically. It is easy, safe, and no cost to you. No more printing, hand-writing the information, assembling and mailing the documents. If you would like to proceed and open a case, click here to complete an online application.