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General Assistance

Although mandated by state law, General Assistance (called "General Relief" in some counties) is the one county-only program. There are no federal or state dollars in its funding. Persons covered are the indigent and dependent poor who are not eligible for any other assistance program. General Assistance is the "program of last resort."

Beginning in 1995 rent and utilities for General Assistance clients are paid as vendor payments, that is, payment is made directly to the landlord or to the utility company rather than to the client. Additionally, vouchers for incidentals are issued.

General Assistance recipients must report changes in income, property, housing, living arrangements, family composition, or any other factor affecting eligibility. Failure to report these is a crime, punishable by law.

Interim Assistance may be paid for eligible disabled persons who are applicants for SSI/SSP. When the SSI/SSP award is made the county is reimbursed for this assistance.

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