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Judicial Services
Lisa Gavin-Cruise M.S., M.F.T., Administrator
The Judicial Services Division includes the following teams, contractors, and programs:
Conditional Release Program (CONREP) serves the following populations:
  • Persons found Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (P.C. 1026)
  • Persons found Incompetent to Stand Trial on felony charges (P.C. 1370)
  • Mentally disordered offenders (P.C. 2972)

CONREP provides evaluation, assessment, collateral, individual and group therapy, substance abuse screening and treatment planning. All CONREP consumers (except individuals committed under P.C. 2972) are committed to one-year terms of community outpatient treatment that can be renewed annually or allowed to expire upon recommendation that the individual's commitment to CONREP be terminated. Mentally disordered offenders are committed for the duration of their parole - typically one to three years. Referrals come only from the State Hospitals. For further information regarding the ConRep program, contact Akira Suzuki, Ph.D., at 661-868-8381.
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Correctional Mental Health provides mental health services to inmates of the Kern County Jail System and provides mental health consultation to Custodial and Correctional Medicine staff. Services are provided to inmates in the designated psychiatric units of the Kern County Sheriff's Department Lerdo Adult Detention facility. Services provided to inmates include assessment, psychiatric evaluations and follow up, crisis counseling and prevention, medication monitoring, and court-ordered psychiatric evaluations. When possible, Correctional Mental Health also assists with referrals and linkage to appropriate community resources upon release from incarceration. Ken Pratt, M.F.T., is the supervisor of Correctional Mental Health and can provide further information. You may contact her at 661-391-7948.
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Forensic Services Team serves individuals who have either been charged with an offense and are court-ordered for psychological evaluation or who have been convicted of an offense and require mental health services as a condition of probation. Forensics also evaluates individuals with misdemeanor charges pending who have a mental disorder that renders them incompetent to stand trial. The Forensics team provides a full range of mental health services as well as case management, linkage and consultation, medication support, substance abuse treatment and crisis intervention. For more information about Forensics, contact Janet Farmer, PhD, at 661-868-8381.
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Psychiatric Alternative Resources (PAR) is contracted with Kern County Mental Health and provides a transitional program to persons recently released from jail. Individuals who are not being served by other Department teams and who have recently been released from the county jail may seek services directly from PAR. For further information regarding PAR programs, contact the Judicial Services Administrator at 661-868-6100 or the PAR offices at 661-631-1483.
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