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Building Availability
Buildings are available at hourly rates for civic and/or private events. Building availability is subject to change - for inquiries and verification of building availability, please contact the Kern County Parks and Recreation Administration Office at 661-868-7000.
A reservation application and non-refundable application fee must be received by the Parks Administration office in order to confirm a reservation. Reservations for holidays and out-of-hall hours will be available to fee-paying customers only, and are subject to review and approval by Parks reservation staff for feasibility and staff availability.
Reservation Information
Reservations are handled in a two-stage process:
Stage 1 - Advance Reservation Period for Veterans and Senior Groups:
An "Advance Sign-up" period in the fall allows Veterans and Senior Groups to book reservations for the coming year. The department's reservation process is designed to give priority to Veterans Groups in Veterans buildings, and to Senior Groups in Senior Centers, while at the same time allowing for greater access by all groups to our buildings. A written application is required. Please watch for notice of Advance Reservation information by mail, e-mail or contact the Parks Administration Office if you have not received notification.
Stage 2 - All other groups, first-come, first-served:
Following the Veterans and Seniors advance reservation sign-up period and booking of the advance reservations, reservations for the following calendar year will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning December 1 of the current year. Reservations can only be made within the following calendar year. A minimum of 30 days advance notice is necessary for most reservations. To make a reservation:
Fees and Deposits
  • Fees apply to all commercial and private users of the buildings, and may also be charged for other users which do not meet the criteria for non-profit status.
  • All fees are payable and proof of insurance is due 30 days in advance of scheduled use.
  • Cleaning deposits will be returned four to six weeks after the event, less any deductions necessitated by additional cleanup or damage.
  Permit preparation/processing fees
  Veterans, Seniors and Community Building fees
  Recreation Building fees
Category:  Permit preparation/processing fees
Fees: $8.00 non-refundable application fee for one-time use
$30.00 non-refundable application fee for regular use (multiple uses scheduled during the year)
Category: Veterans, Seniors and Community Building fees
Fees: Cleaning deposit $500.00 per event
$50.00/hour for first 6 hours (minimum rental 2 hours at $100.00 minimum)
$30.00/hour for each additional hour
Note: Because of their smaller size, the fees for the following facilities are less than the amount shown above:
  • Inyokern Senior Center
  • Rand Community Building
Cleaning Deposit $500.00 per event
$35.00/hour for the first 6 hours (minimum rental 2 hours at $70.00 minimum)
$30.00/hour for each additional hour
Category: Recreation Building fees
Fees: $500.00 Cleaning deposit per event
$20.00/hour for events with less than 150 people
$200.00 per day or any portion of a day for events with 150 or more people
Kitchen Use
  • No charge with room rental
  • Serve off-site, minimum 2 hours without room rental: $50.00/hour
  • General Liability Insurance coverage for $2,000,000.00 is required for all events in these facilities.
  • Host Liquor Liability insurance is required whenever alcohol use is involved in an event; be sure to inquire about this possible need.
Please note: A special event insurance policy is available through the Parks Department or users may obtain their own coverage. Users that obtain their own coverage should inquire on this matter, as specific wording is necessary to ensure proper coverage.
Security Guard Service
Security Guard Service is a requirement for events where alcohol is served and/or sold. Prospective users will need to understand this requirement. Whenever such service is required, it is the user's responsibility to obtain the services of a licensed Security Guard Service. The customer will follow the Terms and Conditions of the reservation agreement, and will enter into an Agreement for Provision of Security Services for providing Security Guard service. The user will pay all costs associated with obtaining Security Guard service for their event.
Customer Service
Kern County Parks and Recreation Department personnel strive to do a quality job in serving customers. Any comments or suggestions users might have to help the staff do their job better will be greatly appreciated!

Again, enjoy your stay and thanks for caring about these important public facilities. Further information or clarification regarding the rules for use of County facilities may be obtained by contacting the Kern County Parks and Recreation Department.
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