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Foster Family Ombudsman Services

“Ombudsman” is a Swedish term of long and honorable tradition meaning protector or defender of residents' rights.

The Ombudsman

  • Listens to your concerns
  • Documents your complaints and suggestions
  • Gathers all relevant information regarding the matter
  • Remains neutral and objective and keeps information confidential
  • Formulates possible resolutions
  • Makes recommendations to the Department of Human Services
  • Gives feedback on actions and recommendations to every complainant

The Department of Human Services appreciates the service provided to children by foster families, guardians, caretaker relatives and adoptive parents. The ombudsman program ensures that your concerns are addressed.

Who qualifies for this resource?

Any foster parent, caretaker relative, adoptive parent or non-relative legal guardian receiving services from Child Protective Services is eligible to receive this resource.

This is a free, non-biased service

If you have a concern with any of the following issues and cannot resolve them through normal channels, please contact the Ombudsman:

  • Shelter placements
  • Foster home placements
  • Family maintenance/reunification
  • Conflicts with Human Services staff
  • Benefits and foster care payments
  • Basic and special needs rates
  • Licensing requirements
  • Preparation for adoption
  • Information and referrals to services and resources

You can get help!

The Ombudsman handles a variety of concerns. Some people need to know about financial arrangements or want a policy explained. Others want to suggest changes to ensure better services by our Department.

If you are unable to settle your concern with your assigned social worker and their supervisor, gather the following information that will be used to investigate your concern:

  • A description of the situation
  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • Names and birth dates of any children involved in the cases
  • Name of the social worker and other related contacts

All information will be kept confidential

The Ombudsman will review your case, discuss your concerns with agency administrators and make recommendations on ways to resolve the situation. You will receive information on the outcome of these actions.

The Department of Human Services welcomes the opportunity to listen to your concerns. We see your suggestions as positive opportunities to make services batter for our community.

Contact the KCDHS Ombudsman
661.631.6898 Fax

or write to:
Juan Rocha
Foster Family Ombudsman
Kern County Department of Human Services
P.O. Box 511
Bakersfield, CA 93302